Mobility Care

Wheel Chair On Rent

A mobility assessment is carried out on any individual requiring assistance with transfers or walking etc. This is very important in ensuring that the correct handling and transfer decisions are made.

Assessing the individual’s mobility helps us to put a mobility plan in place that ensures safe handling techniques, adequate number of carers in place using the correct equipment. This reduces the potential risk of falls and other adverse outcomes associated with immobility.

Our carers can use a wide range of mobility equipment including standing and ceiling hoists, sliding sheets and bath lifts. Every one of our carers has a current patient moving and handling certificate and they are shadowed and trained on all new hoisting and transfer equipment that they may have to use. Safety is our priority.

Wheelchair on rent

As the name suggests, it is chair with wheels. This helps in mobilization of a person who is unable to walk to due to disability, pain or excessive weakness. Most of the wheelchairs are foldable and can be easily transported in car. There are wide varieties of wheelchairs available depending upon the specific requirement of the patient. There are motorized wheelchairs available which are driven by battery.

Wheelchair with commode

This wheelchair along with mobility also provides the option of a detachable commode bucket which is helpful for patient in passing motion over wheelchair who find it difficult to go to washroom.

Commode chair on rent

Commode Chair on Rent

This specific wheelchair is used to help the patient for passing motion. Since the width of the wheelchair is less, this can be taken inside the washroom. It can be easily folded.


These are foldable walking aids, which help patient to support while walking. These are especially useful when patient recovers after a major surgery or fractures of lower limbs.

Walking sticks

Walking sticks are used when minimal support is required for walking and patient is able to maintain balance without any additional support. They are available in different types with single pod, 3 pods and 4 pods.

Our Core Values

We at Readymedi Care are committed to provide best home care service with our highly qualified and trained staff for your loved ones at the comfort of your home at a very affordable price. Readymedi Care is managed by true medical professionals with over 20 years of experience in medical field.