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Trusted ICU Services at Home

Home Icu Care allows hospital-type care at home to the elders or patients in their comforts. Caring them has shown significant improvement in their health and it would reduce hospital spending.

Critical Nursing Care Services at Home

Home Icu Care allows hospital-type care at home to the elders or patients in their comforts. Caring them has shown significant improvement in their health and it would reduce hospital spending. At home, it helps to allow general physicians to visit and treat patients at best of their comfort and convenience. This also allows caregivers and other health care professionals to work in an environment different from hospitals.

Overall, icu care at home will result in lower health care costs, fewer procedures, improved activities for daily living and better caregiver and patient understandings

Patients in intensive care need emotional support too. That’s why Readymedi Care bring your loved ones closer to you. With the capacity to provide ICU facilities and expert care, our HealthCare at HOME services ensures professional, hospital-like treatment at the comfort of your home. The Readymedi care team is proficient in ICU, Basic Life Support (BLS) and situational handling to deliver the best of care to the patients.

  • Prolonged ICU stay
  • Terminally ill lung patient
  • Ventilator at home
  • Cancer Care
  • Stroke Care
  • Accident Cases
  • We Ensure High quality Of Care With

  • Doctor-guided care plan
  • Online assessment forms and digital record
  • Home visit reports
  • Daily documentation audits
  • Weekly video/ tele-audits
  • Monthly on-site audits
  • FAQ

    Based on patients’ medical requirements, it is possible to set-up a comprehensive ICU unit at home. As a professional homecare service provider, Readymedi care can set up an elaborate ICU set-up for critical care of patients in the comfort of their homes, which are 24×7 electronically monitored by intensivists. Other than the well-trained nursing and clinical staff, we also provide the latest and the best ICU equipment to facilitate the care process.

    With our ICU at HOME, the risks of hospital-acquired infections are reduced for the patients. With 24×7 e-monitoring and live streaming of patient bedside, the patient gets to recover at peace in the comfort of their home under the supervision of the doctor. ICU at HOME works as an extension of critical care given to patients in hospitals. Most importantly, it also helps them to save up to 50% of the treatment cost as compared to the hospitalization expenses.

    The nursing staff for Readymedi care is certified and has undergone training in ICUs in major corporate hospitals. The patient is under continuous monitoring of doctors/intensivists. The appointed nurse always carry a nursing bag that contains all the vital supplies and medications along with an oxygen cylinder to face emergency situations that may emerge while a patient is undergoing treatment at home. With 24/7 ambulance services and empanelled doctors who are easily accessible, right treatment could be given to the patient without losing the precious time.

    Home Care Provides Peace of Mind to Families

    As the child of an Patient parent, it’s normal to worry about their safety and well-being. When your older parent or parents can stay at home, the stress of a life-altering change is no longer imminent. You can worry less about their safety and be certain their health is in good hands. Knowing loved ones can get the special care they need at home provides peace of mind.

    Home Care Creates a Safe Environment

    Some concerns regarding Patient parents aging at home is a lack of safe surroundings. Instead of uprooting their life from the place they call home, ground them by creating a safe environment. An older adult’s home can easily be transformed into a safe, comfortable space to remain living in. Consider integrating some of these safety precautions if you want to provide ICU at home:

  • Install shower bars.
  • Add slip-proof coverings to shower and bath floors.
  • Move cabinet items lower to make functioning in the home easier.
  • Remove clutter from floors to prevent Patient falls.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify.
  • Every situation is unique, but allowing loved ones to stay at home is often the best option. Not only will they be able to maintain most of their independence, but they’ll also get a more personal level of care that is dedicated to their health and safety.

    Keep Your Loved Ones at Home

    There are many benefits of working with the Patient through at home ICU. Make sure you look for high-quality elder care services that will give your loved one the personalized attention they need. You’ll get peace of mind knowing they are surrounded by a familiar environment where they feel safe and protected.For more information about our professional at home care services, call our Care Team today at 9899474466